Where Does Your Money Go

There are a lot of steps involved getting a treatment to clinical trial.  We are in the process of finalizing the location of the clinical trial and identifying and retaining a project manager with research experience to manage the Investigational New Drug process with the FDA and establish the treatment protocol.  The money we are raising will be used to cover expenses associated with the preparation for and conduct of the clinical trial. This includes, primarily, the cost of drug manufacturing, but also travel, lodging and meeting fees, testing (safety, biodistribution and kinetics), clinical fees, hospital fees, clinical research organization costs (data processing) and related costs.  It sounds like a lot, but we are actually SO CLOSE!!!  We anticipate needing to raise US$3.5 to 4 million and From Australia we pledge to raise $1 million.

Additional funds collection will be needed later to pay for hospital expenses during the clinical trials. Which could be an additional US$2million.